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Source for beginner DIY Drone Kits and instructional links


Source for beginner DIY Drone Kits and instructional links

Hello all. Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone. We just launched a new site that will offer DIY Drone kits. While there are many other sources for components and information, we wanted to introduce something for true beginner.
I took from my experiences i building put together sources that include written instructions with pictures to help anyone attempting a first build. Much of this material seems redundant to guys that have already learned this fun hobby, but there might be some that are still having difficulty making their builds works.
Based on our collective building experiences, we have taken much of the things that seem to hang some first time builders up, Our flight controllers are pre soldered and already flashed with the latest version of cleanflight, pins are also side mounted. We have included things that are sometimes overlooked, sending builders to the stores to get heat shrink tubing and two way tape, etc. There of course, is specific settings that will need to be set once the build is complete. I have read many forum inquires from first time builders that ranged from problems switching from open pilot to cleanflight on their CC3D controller, lack of instructions, etc.
Even if you already have purchased your kit from somewhere else, if you are looking for some general information in the building process, come check out our embedded videos from painless 360 and others at the drone kit building resources tab. Our website is

thanks all!
looking forward to reading and continuing the learning process!!

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