Hello all.

Tyrone here. I reside in Kloof but work out in Iraq. I am working with 'RHINO UAV' and wish to make contact with you to pick your brains and ask advise.It is an exciting project which looks to help and train private game reserve owners and anti poaching units using UAVs in order to stop Rhino poaching. South Africa is the obvious choice of test bed and interest is growing. Please contact me as the more people i create dialogues with the better the strategy to implement in the fight for our Rhino. Cheers.


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  • Hello Tyrone Barras. I am in the Kloof area as well. Can not believe you work in Iraq. I am working for a Chinese company and also paced in Iraq. I also have a passion for preserving rino or a particular human race. I did a rescue mission in Mozambique recently looking for the 2 south African father and son that crashed there plane. I then decided to go in deeper into the "drone" thing as much as finances allow me to.  I have purchased a lot of equipment and hope they will be home as soon as I arrive home now in August. Cant wait. I have messed a lot of quad copters and lost some and found them after days of crying. My wife think I have lost it. I think she should know that by now but I am hiding that well. I am still entering the drone projects in the cheaper range and no really high teck things that I can brag about like supper long range or so.


    Wee must meet once you home..

    And that is all of you guys.

    Please chat and we must meet and share the fun. Go flay and test equipment. I have lurned the hard way by my self and fried not just one drone but 2 !!! So I now know how not to build one but still make mistakes because I cant wait until every thing is properly done and it is in the air! Not much testing and I am in the "bakkie" and off to a bach, cliff waterfall wat ever, even to the beach and over the see to the ships that is moored off Balito, ware ever.


    It will be nice to go to the mountains in the Burg! And test distance and range.


    Well don't be doubting to get in tuch I am supper chilled (mad I think ) Fuck.....whatever man.....sounds like (die andwoord) LOL

    Had to ad that maybe cause I also work with the Iraq ies and Arabs


  • guys .. anyone know where we can source some antennas in JHB .. urgently ... sorry for the 'black hole' in communication.. things have been busy ...

    Looking for 2.1Ghz Yagi or patch antenna as well as 900Mhz .. same yagi or patch what ever we can get hands on really ... I have a guy coming to my location in mozambique on a flight that leaves JHB friday morning (24thAug) ... There is NO other way to get anything to me other than that flight... what can we do? anything 

  • I'll gladly help if I can. Recently built a quad that can be carried in a backpack with all supporting equipment. Based in Pretoria. (Originally from Natal North coast).

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    I'm in the Natal Midlands have platforms and experience, best to keep this sort of thing in the dark really but willing to help. 

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    Hi Tyrone

    No problem, anything to help. I have to be back in the game reserve from the 6th to the 27th June. Will have email access and can get onto this site the whole time though so let me know.


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