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Aviation, cameras, endangered wildlife conservation

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RhinoUAV's goal is to bring aerial intelligence to the fight against poaching on a global scale. Our initial test bed will be in Southern Africa watching over our Rhino populations who have recently suffered a dramatic increase in numbers killed.



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RhinoUAV replied to Yan Ma's discussion Visual Tracking Gimbal Control
"Fantastic project Yan,
We would be keen to learn how you finish up with this. Have you seen these guys http://www.airdog.com they recently had a kickstarter program, this being how we discovered…"
Sep 7, 2014
RhinoUAV replied to bradley.doug32's discussion X-8 In the post... in X8
"If all else fails there is  : http://www.dronezone.co.za

These guys were quite helpful to us in the past.."
Mar 13, 2014
RhinoUAV commented on Michael Hope's blog post International Anti Poaching Foundation needs this community's help
"Zedtwitz, we started using Flir TAU 640 cores however we are currently investigating the Quark series of similar resolution."
Jun 27, 2013
RhinoUAV commented on Michael Hope's blog post International Anti Poaching Foundation needs this community's help
"Hello all, 
First off can I thank Michael for raising awareness of our efforts. I am the technical development manager for the www.iapf.org UAV program. There are a number of us spread across the world who form the whole team, however for the most…"
Jun 27, 2013
RhinoUAV replied to AKRCGUY's discussion Glue Question? in X8
"We avoided using glues and added some more nuts and bolts with big plastic washers to hold the wing panels tight as well as the main fuselage together. Will post build log when I get a moment spare."
Sep 30, 2012
RhinoUAV left a comment on South African DIY Drones User Group
"Ladies and gents .. We need help sourcing some antennas urgently. As in by tonight to get onto a flight up to mozambique on friday morning
We require either yagi or patch antennas for the 2.1Ghz also 900mhz or instead of the 900 mhz - 433Mhz instead…"
Aug 22, 2012
RhinoUAV replied to Tyrone Barrass's discussion Contact in South African DIY Drones User Group
"guys .. anyone know where we can source some antennas in JHB .. urgently ... sorry for the 'black hole' in communication.. things have been busy ...

Looking for 2.1Ghz Yagi or patch antenna as well as 900Mhz .. same yagi or patch what ever we can…"
Aug 22, 2012
RhinoUAV posted a discussion
Hi guysWe are desperately looking for assistance with a few issues we have currently with getting our ardupilot setup to function correctly within the simulator (XPLANE10) prior to taking to the field and loosing an airframe and / or more.Firstly…
Aug 6, 2012
RhinoUAV replied to Stephen Rayleigh's discussion Joystick Gimbal Control
"Hello everyone ... Has anyone made any headway on this  - using the game pad to control aux outputs? I seem to have the same issue ... calibration works fine until connection to the board as mentioned above... then nothing happens and the inputs…"
Aug 6, 2012
RhinoUAV replied to Paul Marsh's discussion Video Viewing and Recording Suggestions
"Paul, Hi there i scanned through this page http://code.google.com/p/ardupilot-mega/wiki/Mission  and found this  "Yes, the Mission Planner can overlay the data on your video feed. Just check the Configuration page of the Mission Planner to set up…"
May 31, 2012
RhinoUAV replied to Gary Mortimer's discussion I'm in in South African DIY Drones User Group
"Hi Gary, Im keen to chat to you.
Find me on skype at paranoia66 - simon beart
or we can DM on here.."
May 31, 2012
RhinoUAV left a comment on South African DIY Drones User Group
"HI everyone.. Expat here over in Auss - working on getting Drones a possibility for private game owners in SA for protection of endangered species... say hello if interested"
May 18, 2012