Glue Question?

Just wondering what the rest of the X8 builders are using for glue when assembling your X8?  Are most using stock China glue or something like Gorilla glue?


Any issues with using the stock glue?



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  • I actually took a gamble and used a hot glue gun. Went together easily and seems to be holding up surprisingly well! Anyone else tried this?

  • I've had no issues with the stock glue, others seem to be using hot glue too.

  • Thanks for all the replies and info.  I ended up using the Gorilla glue as I have used on several other builds but I wished I wouldn't have.  It's messy, over foams up in areas you dont want it to, etc.  I just couldn't bring myself to use the supplied China glue that smells like everything from China :(.  I think if I did it over I would go the higher quality epoxy route like other have posted below.


    Thanks again to all who posted replies!

  • I used RTV (silicone based) glue for the body halves, the supplied glue and UHU POR for everything else.3692554818?profile=original

  • We avoided using glues and added some more nuts and bolts with big plastic washers to hold the wing panels tight as well as the main fuselage together. Will post build log when I get a moment spare.

  • Hi,

    I used medium CA and a cure accelerator on my X8.

    I did not use the glue that came with the model. Enjoy your build.


  • I tried it and immediately trashed it for 5min epoxy
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