• Its All a bunch of poppycock!

    People who write nonsence for money, aka "reporters" and "bloggers" (yes thats you News24) have blown the whole thing way out of proportion, and even misreported the media briefing from the CAA..

    At some point the CAA announced that :

    1. there are too many Cowboys out there doing some pretty irresponsible things. (Mainly the film/photography industry)

    2. they will be formulating some rules and regs before there is a major disaster

    3. If you contravene those rules you will be punished.

    thats it. no more, no less.

    As it stands right now, THERE IS NO LEGISLATION, or an OUTRIGHT BAN on the use of "Drones".

    The CAA released a FAQ last week, because of the many questions from "operators" after these stupid statements.
    Their official stand can be found HERE.

    In a nutshell, COMMERCIAL operations of UAS will be regulated soon (yea right, it will take years), but if you fly as a hobbyist for fun or recreation, you are free to do so, but you are goverened by the contraints mentiond by Ray. (CAA rules regarding model aircraft, NOT SAMAA's rules)

    Not that it matters to anyone, but my PERSONAL take is :

    1. I wholeheartedly agree that the commercial industry needs regulation, and welcome the CAA's proposed laws and regs.

    I have seen some SCARY things put on youtube lately right here in SA, and its only a matter of time before a major "incident" or outright disaster causes the uninformed lawmakers and politicians to make up some really stupid legislation stopping us ALL from enjoying our hobby.

    2. If you are Hobbyist, BE RESPONSIBLE, If you dont, you will soon find the use of hobby drones heavilly regulated as well!


  •  the focus seems to be more  diverted towards media productions. Some of us use drones for educational purposes.I think it is not only the civil aviation sector who should be regulating or adopting european policies rather but all relevant departments should be involved.

    • Hi Enoch,

      I move in more than one aviation discipline, and know that your typical full size  light aircraft or heli pilot also surfs youtube.

      And the fact that that there is video, unfairly places the focus on media production houses.

      Ironically, the media houses ARE the people that request permissions, try to use professional equipment, have trained medics, airband radios, safety procedures, etc, etc.

      And HAVE insurance for the production............

      I've done some work for media, hang gliding, RC, to be used in adds, doesn't mean I know everything, does mean I know something.

      On an aside, one of my most memorable experiences was flying a hang glider, with a Bell Jet Ranger circling around me !

  • Yes, too many fpvrs posted their totally stupid flights on youtube.

    Been a bunch of video where "drones" are clearly in violation of controlled airspace.

    Like flights over and around Table Mountain, Sunset Beach, Robben Island..........................

    • And then there was the DJI Phantom that lost the plot over Johannesburg, flew over busy highways, railway lines, clips an electricity pole, keeps on flying, landing on a roof.

      And numerous flights over Cape Town City Bowl............

      If you have to do something stupid, do it, but keep it to yourself.

      As one of my instructors once said, after I did something without thinking, "You are your own worst enemy"

  • Can't find any press release or notification to that effect on the CAA website.

    The last notification was that since there are no regulations for UAS they currently fall under RC aircraft and therefore must obey the RC regulations:
    - fly under 150 feet (not meters)
    - no landing or take off on public roads or property
    - no flying within 5nm of a registered aero drome
    - and obviously los

    No mention of auto pilots in the regulations.

    Would be nice if news 24 shared their source or at least had some links to backup their FUD
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