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    I've flown both apm and pixhawk and had some experience with doi and zero uav. Stock with pixhawk or apm. Pixhawk is the future. But it's 'new'.

    AFAIK the naza gps is a ublox lea6-H just like the 3dr.
  • I've flown APM and DJI+Naza craft.

    APM is good value for money. It flies every bit as well as a DJI+Naza stock setup, although you will spend a lot more time fiddling with parameters. As a first-time MC APM might not be the best choice. This is especially true if you have your own "bargain bin" Motor/ESC setup and not a tried-and-tested combo.

    I do find APM's software a little quirky, especially setting waypoints, but it does all work eventually. Sometimes the craft will rush to the next waypoint at 70km/h, miss it, and do a few dangerous manouevers to get back to it again, (I won't place a waypoint near a building again!) but I'm sure there are settings to prevent this. DJI's software creates more gentle flights.

    That being said, DJI+Naza is very easy to setup and designed to work together. Plug and Play. although the learning curve is still there (like NOT using IOC until you need to, it confuses the issue). Also, the Naza GPS chip is slower finding satellites compared to the uBlox on an APM, so you will be waiting on the ground longer (only 2 minutes, but it feels like forever)

  • I fly APM, proven, reliable, huge support base out there.

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    You can get stuff from Netram in KZN I am sure there are others in Gangsta. Pixhawk is the future of APM, if you are just starting out APM is a dependable known system. I fly both.

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