and by doing this you now putting our hobby squarely in the spot light in South Africa , you Mr. FC Hamman is a ass , what did you think would happen ??



PRETORIA (Reuters) - South African police on Friday detained the owner of a radio-controlled helicopter drone carrying a camera that was filming scenes around the Pretoria hospital where ailing anti-apartheid hero Nelson Mandela is being treated.

F.C. Hamman, a South African freelance film-maker, was escorted away by police along with the helicopter camera he was flying with his 21-year-old son Timothy outside the clinic where Mandela, 94, has spent three weeks with a lung infection.

After nearly four hours of questioning by police, Hamman was released but the drone camera was confiscated. ( Rest of the story here)

Didn’t see anyone commenting on this so thought I'll do a quick post ...

You can read more here ....

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  • every thing is true regarding the safety, and FAA but i ,,,ooo and the ass,,,, but I have to say I just can not go to an old field, deserted place or allocated area to do this, testing my equipment. I will die, and I know I am wrong by saying or doing it. I also stay under the radar(metaphorically) or out of the spotlight, I stay out of the way of clouds and when I go out I don’t attract people like what maybe happened with the studges doing 8meter pole photography with a rotor wing and attracting attention...I will also die if they would restrict or prohibit me from enjoying my hobby our hobby. Yes the ass was caught and understand he was a doos trying to make money. I also don’t like the fact that you might get police or military drone licence only like maybe the US.

    Also we are saying what asses they are and I agree, and we want the hobby for this and that, photography, spay, crime fighting, neighbourhood watch, whatever but it is probably them that will get the licenses later and it will be the hobbyists and anti-rhino pouching people that gets no licenses and maybe a corrupt pleasing department and some ass photographers that got there licenses either legally or not so we need to be wise and careful not getting in trouble and not have no voice when we need to make ourselves heard before some legislation comes in place that will take for ever to fight.

    changing the topic a bit. if they don’t se you controlling your plane and dono ware it came from or ware it is going they will have to get a plane in the air to chase you. Wander how it is going to bee in the future

  • I also have to agree.. Not a method of good exposure for FPV/drones or RC flight. I have flown quads and while everything is perfect it's great but you only get away with it if nothing goes wrong. I feel it is very dangerous to fly above people and that it should not be done! Had the same experience at this years Topgear festival in Durbs where a couple of guys were flying with a crowd around them and best of all the maybe went up 8m max? Guess they have never heard of pole photography...

    Anyway, people doing stupid things like this are going to spoil the whole game for the rest of us... 

  • This is one man with a plan.

    And love his equipment and drulling

  • Silly the rest of us have to lay low for a while....

  • Moderator

    This has been and gone on the front page. There is an FPV incident as well which has caught the SACAA's eye or so I have been told. 

  • Yeah, agreed - what a poepol.

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