We discuss design, 3d printing, geodesic airframe structures, hauling, lifting, supplying, for any payload over long distances using a drone or UAV. 5-11 hp gas engines will be incorporated.

Our project is to design a multi-gas engine, supply drone and the for-profit business model to support a supply business outside of the US. As US laws forbid our design to fly it its airspace, other nations are more lenient.

Founder is located in CA, USA, and we invite and look forward to meeting anyone, any group, any government agency or any firm around the world. Distance is no barrier to vision. Disaster relief, S&R, and wherever loads need transport over deserts, water, or mountains.

We lay the foundation as a for-profit business for future generations to follow. I would invite anybody with students, or a dream to teach students about drones and the future of now, to join this project.

My other hobby is starting a nonprofit which 3d prints prostheses through young and old volunteers, sending them to the underserved throughout the world.

My undergraduate degree is Nonprofit Business Administration and we teach anyone how to start a non or for-profit business free of charge, through volunteering for a good cause by making prostheses for those who have lost limbs through war, violence, birth defects, or accidents.

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