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Hello to everyone who's joined the group. I thought it would be good if we had a thread for new members to give themselves a quick introduction - if you're new, let us know a bit about yourself on this thread.



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  • Hi Robin and all,

    I'll continue..

    I'm a long time aviation nut in the Inner West who works in software development (wow deja vu!)

    I used to be a MS Flight Simulator freak, my first sim was on my trusty ZX-81 in about 1982... my idea of fun was fine-tuning fuel mixture over the simulated Atlantic in a simulated Beechcraft Baron but I'm better now and my therapist says I'm making good progress.

    Now I want to get into RC and especially FPV and APM guided flight.  So far I've done a lot of building and next to no flying for various reasons but hopefully that'll change soon.  My brother works in agriculture and I'd like to look at things like mapping and helping him find his stock.


  • (I'll start) 

    I'm a long time aviation nut in the Inner West who works in software development. I've got a private pilot's licence, have survived an engine failure (Continental - grrr) but don't get to fly much at the moment.

    I'm a member of SAAA Chapter 1 and have started scratch-building a Zenith CH750, but got distracted earlier this year by putting an entry in the 2014 Outback Challenge. Now, along with my ninja electrical engineer team-mate Brian I'm spending my time modifying a 1/4 scale Decathalon to search for lost bush walkers and drop water bottles, hacking around in the APM 2.5 codebase and trying to find a trailer large enough to carry an 8 foot long model airplane out to the HMAS flying field at Vineyard where we aim to do most of our flight testing.






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