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An informal group for droners around Sydney Australia. Suggested topics include:

  • Australian flight rules for Self Guided Model Aircraft (SGMAs) and UAVs
  • Good flying sites and clubs
  • Issues configuring autopilots
  • Product reviews
  • Project reports - building and flying

Hope you like the group logo, apologies to E.W. Searle for my take on the rather well-known original...

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  • Hello, 

    My name is Jesús from Spain, I´m not in Sydeney yet but I´m going to go for two months in august, for Phd stay at the Sydney University at the ACFL. And i I want to contact with the UAV community there. 



  • Hello,  Just saw the Sydney group and thought I should join.  I am a relative newbie to UAV's and have a Y6B, Bilxer and RVJET all fitted with Pixhawk or AMP2.5's. The RVJET is my current build project.

    I am very interested in finding good sites and clubs as I would like to become a bit more involved with the local UAV community.  I work in broadcast Television and film as and Audio Director and Sound Designer but am also on the way to getting my commercial UAV licence. Mainly with a view to get into mapping and surveying but also as an excuse to try to turn a hobby into something that generates a bit of income while giving me a technical and skill set challenge. (Much like my current job).

    Anyway, hope the rest of the group is still around (I noticed the last post was a while ago).


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Australian Government report on Drones and Privacy. Eyes in the Sky

Here is a link to the Eyes in the Sky report from the federal Government.Its a bit of a worry and I must say that it feels like recreational flying of autonomous vehicles is destined to become the realm of commercial and university users.That said it is early days but I do think that if things go the way they ae we will not be able to keep taking part in this hobby.I Wold love to know what the 3DR guys think of this.

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Introduce Yourself

Hello to everyone who's joined the group. I thought it would be good if we had a thread for new members to give themselves a quick introduction - if you're new, let us know a bit about yourself on this thread.Cheers,Robin

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