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I´m a Spanish aeronautical engineer student.

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Jesus commented on Jose Luis Herrero's blog post Some UAV projects from Dronlab
"Congrats to my homecity university!! very happy to see that kind of research there! Jose Luis contact me if you want to talk.
Dec 2, 2018
Jesus posted a discussion
Hello all,I want to use the SET_ATTITUDE_TARGET.mode with a companion computer using ROS, in order to test experimental route planning, any of your know can I do this? I´ve read that since arduplane 3.7 is implemented but I can´t fin it. ThanksJesús
May 26, 2017
Jesus commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post APM:Plane 3.7.0 released
"Hello, which mode support SET_ATTITUDE_TARGET. messages??? 
May 25, 2017
Jesus posted discussions
Jan 22, 2016
Jesus replied to Jesus's discussion Sik 2.x in 3DR radio
"Thanks a lot!!!
  I´m going to test it! :-) 
Dec 30, 2015
Jesus posted a discussion
Dear all,  Anybody tried the sik 2.x in 3dr radios in order to use in multipoint configuration? I´ve read this topic:http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/3dr-915-multipoint-with-sik-2-x    But I think that the firmware posted is for the RFD900, so I´m…
Dec 28, 2015
Jesus replied to Nikiforos Pavlidis's discussion SiK 1.7 FIRMWARE NEED!
"Hi all!
  The link of Theo is the 1.6 version, anybody has the 1,7 please? I need it and I can´t found it!
  Thanks a lot
Aug 24, 2015
Jesus left a comment on Telemetry over cellular IP
"Hello all! 
Anybody tried this??
I´m having some problems with Inadyn,  I´ve made DynDns using the no-ip.info, similar than your, and in the inadyn.conf  I used:

Jul 7, 2015
Jesus posted a blog post
Hello all!   I´m happy to announce the new edition of the Msc program in development and experimentation in Unmanned Aerial System: http://www.unia.es/component/option,com_hotproperty/task,view/id,14... In this master you will learn from…
Jun 22, 2015
Jesus replied to Daniel Frenzel's discussion Using USB and 3DR radio at the same time with APM 2.5
  We are trying to connect a device to the usb and the telemetry to uart2. To do this I tryid this:

  But I can´t connect, any other modifications are necessary?
May 7, 2015
Jesus left a comment on Australia
My name is Jesús from Spain, I´m not in Australia yet but I´m going to go for Phd stay at the Sydney University at the ACFL for two months in august . And i I want to contact with the UAV community there. 
  Thanks :-)
Jul 5, 2014
Jesus left a comment on SyDIY
My name is Jesús from Spain, I´m not in Sydeney yet but I´m going to go for two months in august, for Phd stay at the Sydney University at the ACFL. And i I want to contact with the UAV community there. 
Jul 5, 2014
Jesus commented on Philip's blog post FPV setup with raspberry Pi
 I can´t see any gui with the video in the receiver. I need to write something more than: nc -p 5001 -l > buffer | /opt/vc/src/hello_pi/hello_video/hello_video.bin buffer
Jun 23, 2014
Jesus commented on Ralph Wu's blog post Another APM Clone but in smaller size (35mm x 35mm)
"Where can I find the pcb files??? Thanks"
Jun 12, 2014
Jesus commented on Gary Mortimer's blog post Beware if you are in Spain
"Sooner or later this had to happen ... Much genius "semi professional" beyond the limits of logic and common sense have led many who have spent years working and researching in UAVs without incident we can not build our business. Thank useless…"
Apr 9, 2014
Jesus replied to Sam's discussion APM 2.5 Analog Inputs
"I´m trying to exactly the same? Any suggestion?
  Thanks! :-)"
Feb 5, 2014