Sik 2.x in 3DR radio

Dear all,

  Anybody tried the sik 2.x in 3dr radios in order to use in multipoint configuration? I´ve read this topic:


  But I think that the firmware posted is for the RFD900, so I´m not sure if it will work, anybody has the firmware compiled por the hm-trp radios?





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  • I have tried this with success (non flight, just in lab) on 2 x 3DR radios and a HM-TRP module on my own hardware.

    Used this firmware (MPSiK 2.5)

    Follow the description about setup etc from the RFD users guide (Node numbers etc)

    MPSiK V2.5 radio~hm_trp.ihx
    • Thank you so much!!! I searched for over four hours for a MPSIK update that worked with my generic 3DR.

      I am using it on GPS equipment to send RTCM to my rovers. I have two rovers and needed MP.

      I use a RFD900+ on my base, which the software from the RFD site worked fine on it. My Chinese made 3DR was the issue.

      FYI, I mainly joined this forum just to tell you thank you.
      • Only downfall I have noticed is you must use RFD tools to config but when doing multiple, you need to use AT commands. Otherwise it works great with RFD's 2.5 or 2.6
    • Thanks a lot!!!

        I´m going to test it! :-) 



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