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Nikiforos Pavlidis posted a discussion
hi there.please can somone check my log file and tell me a possible reason why my quad drift forward really fast  in althold above some height and if i swith to loiter mode flies fine again!my setup is f450 1045 props balanced 1000kv motors and 2x…
Feb 19, 2015
Nikiforos Pavlidis posted a discussion
Ive been trying to setup the failsafe on my flysky th9x tx so when i switch off signal is cut but in mission planner and apm 2.6 when i turn off my tx all signals stay as they were at last position.my receiver is flysky FS-R9B but when i turn of the…
Jun 30, 2014
Nikiforos Pavlidis posted a discussion
 i have a problem setting up my telemetry. the problem is that tey not communicate each other. when i load settings the local version is SiK 1.9 on HM-TRP and my remote version is SiK 1.7on HM-TRP. is this the problem? the different versions between…
Jun 29, 2014