Skype meeting saturday - now sunday

I would like to schedule  a skype meeting for Saturday with everyone. lets say Saturday at noon pacific time. lets figure out a time that will work for everyone.



 Moving the meeting to 3 pm pacific.


Karan needs it moved to Sunday @ 3pm. It works for me. let me know what you guys think.

for a quick look at time zones see this map.

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  • the for a quick look at time zones see this map. isn't good it use pacific time as utc-8, but now it's utc-7,

    seem better to use TimeandDate

  • microsoft needs to fix that POS

  • i cross some skype chats with wayne in skype some minutes ago

    but it seem he have some troubles.

    two options, or wait for him, or anybody post her your address and start a skype, gmail or hangout chat each other

    • 100KM

      I tried several times to call you but it wouldn't work or skype would crash. I will set up a hangout

  • Na I write off skype for now... we could do some short intros here... if Wayne agrees

  • we need start a chat, but anybody know other address.

    hello, i'm sergio.ambort@gmail.com, skype user 'sambort2007', avaivable for chat in skype, gmail or hangout

    please guys add yours address

  • i also have some problems with mic,

    but skype chat or any chat is good to me!

    • Did it start working ?

  • I am 'available' but because of my internet and skype issues I am a bit apprehensive. Why not do a group chat here first to get everyone to have an idea what each person can offer, then we can better organize a voice chat?

  • 100KM

    It looks like it is mostly a wash guys. I will hang out and play some space engineers. Hit me up on skype if you want to chat. Everyone is probably busy etc. 

    skype username= torkroll

    I will use this forum to get us organised in the beginning.

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