the techpod development group.

so guys Iet's talk about infrastructure. where are we going to host the project? version control? sub-teams for different projects. what should we call ourselves? I will get the files up in a sec.

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Presentation of Techpod use for atmospheric research

Hello allThe techpod have been presented ot the Isarra meeting this week.( International Society for Atmospheric Research using Remotedly piloted aircraft )the scientific program can be find slide to the techpod modifications and tests : next isarra will be in Oklahoma university in 2015.i will send more news about scintific result in the futurBest regardsPatrice

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Techpod2.0 road map

In order to help us get organized. I think a proper road map should be laid down.So this is the general idea. A full blown gimbal with continuous 360 deg rotation on two axis. It should be able to fit something like a sony block camera.I have already done a lot of work on the gimbal. The idea is to use the brushless gimbal technology but with absolute encoders instead and slip rings so continuous rotation can be achieved. Once the gimbal is nailed down, It will need to be fitted to the nose.…

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lets get organized!

Ok the skype call did not go as planned. So I figured it would be best to use this discussion to aid in getting organized so we can communicate effectively. Here are the goals for this week concerning organization.#1 code repository and version control.#2 we need to assign functions/duties to everyone so we have an idea about who specializes in what etc.#3 Set up our own social platform#4 build a road map

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Sony A7R + techpod

So, I have people who want to be able to put cameras in the techpod like the A7R for photogrammetry. It would mean taking the automatic camera bay doors and moding it plus adding a mount to it for the camera. problem with the current bay doors is the camera need to be mounted sideways in the fuse. because the lens is offset, the lens is way off center and the current set up gets in the way. The camera just barely fits in the fuse so you cant move it to the side. The bay needs to be moved to the…

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