lets get organized!

Ok the skype call did not go as planned. So I figured it would be best to use this discussion to aid in getting organized so we can communicate effectively. Here are the goals for this week concerning organization.

#1 code repository and version control.

#2 we need to assign functions/duties to everyone so we have an idea about who specializes in what etc.

#3 Set up our own social platform

#4 build a road map

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  • I havent been hearing much from the group lately.

    My Jamaican team, with the assistance of Wayne, is putting together a system based on the Techpod for trials here in Jamaica for a long range anti Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported(IUU) platform.

    We are currently trying to get everything together including the required components and the airframe itself which is being donated by Wayne. The success of this project, which will be done in accordance with the local Fisheries Department and the Jamaica Defense Force, will open a whole lot of possibilities for the Techpod.

    I am sure that a lot will be learned from the tests which will contribute significantly to the composite Techpod 2.0.

    Based on an analysis of all the components we need to cram into and unto the techpod I have realised that the internal storage area of the Techpod is rather limited, by how much? I will not know until we get all the components together for testing next month.

    Just to let you guys know:

    The tests will be done at a range of up to 60km radius, launches will be done from coast guard vessels, small Cays in the Caribbean sea and from land in Kingston. A lot coming up and I will keep you guys informed.

  • How is the version control going for the code repo? I have gathered some knowledge on using git over the past few weeks

  • What is the nationality of everyone involved?

  • 100KM

    so here is a git repository for the techpod. I don't know that much about git but I am reading.


    hobbyuav - Overview
    hobbyuav has 2 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub.
  • A question: what is the target autopilot for the project?

    • 100KM

      I would say Pixhawk

    • Ah cool cool. In terms of my organization's contributions:

      Overall we will be leveraging the local science base which is very enthusiastic about robotics and what I refer to as next gen technologies. So we will be developing modules, add ons etc. for the techpod once we are properly set up this year as well as manufacturing the all important airframes. Cost to manufacture is low here, setting up is even lower overall, ence upgraded airframes and prototypes can be rapidly manufactured for testing purposes and for final production.

      So it all depends on what the group requires of us, we are looking to carve a market in the caribbean and if we all cooperate and work together we can achieve a significant amount in the CSAA(Caribbean, South America, Africa) area.

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