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  • How does Sky Drone address this issue? it sound like (according to their website) that they use an intermediate server that both the drone and the ground station connect to rather than having a direct connection to each other? Maybe I am wrong... for Dronedeploy is appears to be the same type of setup with an intermediate server.

    • Hi Matt, it depends. Two cases:

      1) The SIM card is a M2M SIM card with a public IP (strongly recommended). In this case we don't need a server

      2) The SIM card has a private IP (e.g.: NATted) or maybe is firewalled (not recommended unless you perfectly know your ISP's firewall/router/whatever behaviour). In this case we use something like UDP punch hole / tunneling using a 3rd party server with a static IP (like Skype).

      Hope this helps,

    • @Silvio, How are you getting on with the hole punching technique? Can explain in more detail?

  • VPN is your answer to the firewall question. You'll need dynamic DNS for your vpn devices to see each other as well as rate shaping to prioritize telemetry data over things like video especially with weak links. Keep in mind this will introduce latency so stabilized flight modes only and have very good fail safes or redundant links since 4G isn't that reliable. I'm developing an IP based control solution with all of this that is link agnostic. Hit me up with a private message if you'reservation interested.
  • Will this also run on a Raspberry Pi 2 board?

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