ESP8266 For Telemetry

I just joined DIYDrones, so forgive me if this topic has been covered. I've integrated telemetry using the ESP-12E with my flight controller. I have tried both UDP and TCP signals with success over direct with softAP. I have two questions:

1. Has anybody else used this module, and how reliable has it been?
2. Do you prefer to use UDP or TCP or a combination of both with multiple ports?


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  • I like your org. Ok, that pretty much answers my question. 5 km is well over what we need, and I feel pretty confident about it moving forward. Thanks for your help Ronald! 

  • We size the ground antenna to achieve very low packet loss at 5 km range. You could achieve a range up to 10 km with appropriate antenna and line of sight. We selected 5 km as a reasonable compromise, because our primary communications is via a 5GHz digital data link via Raspberry Pi. You can get more information from our web site:

  • Thanks Ronald for the feedback. Have you had any any problems with packet loss? If so, do you know about what range it started cutting out? 

  • The 8266 module is an excellent choice for telemetry. Get a version that includes an SMA connector for external antenna, switch for loading firmware, button for rebooting, and 5V to 3.3V DC down conversion.  UDP seems to be a better option for telemetry.

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