hi guys,

we want to use any sattelite modem compatible with any open source platform:

-i need to know wich sat modem(model compatible with the autopilot) to use .where i am iridium and inmarsat should do,thuraya is on the limit.

orbcomm could work or not?

-wich one of the autopilot we have here are compatible with this?

-what is the reliability of these equipments if we want the plane to be online for 8/12 hours ?

-we are expecting to have a plane with at least 200 kg

thanks in advance for your replies

p.s : i m not sure if i m posting in the right areas,if not mod,please put it in the right place


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  • I have only experience with Iridium.

    Works just fine, but as you know, you need to adapt the data rates to the very limited bandwidth, or, use you own mavproxy or other proxy config in order to reduce sending of redundant data, and have total control with what MAV mesages you send, how often.

    • thank you for your reply andre

      could you give me more details about wich model of iridium did you use and what is exactly we ll have to do to make it workable?

      we are completly noob on this so a step by step guid would be welcomed

      what is the amount of data needed to be sent to the gcs to make it workable? how much cost per h should we expect for this.

      recently iridium have came up with a so called wifi hotspot  https://www.iridium.com/products/Iridium-GO.aspx

      do you think we can do anything with this?

      thank you again andre

    • NAL 9601 , but you'll find cheaper/smaller devices today, so I would not care much what others are using - as it may be old stuff :)

      You do not *have* to *do* much, it'll work fine as is, but if you can , like I said, fine tune the MAVLINK packets , you can stretch the little bandwidth you have a little longer.

      I would not bother with Wifi onboard, it's too noisy (RF) and depending on what missions you fly, with what payload, having Wifi onboard can influence your data collection.

      Finally, Wifi will reduce 2.4Ghz RX sensitivity (iasuming you land/takeoff manually on that frequency)

    • hi andre,

      so if i can find similar with others sat com provider like orbcomm or inmarsat that should do?

      do you have an idea of what could be the cost per hour in iridium case?

      btw the nal9601 is not on their catalogue any more http://www.nalresearch.com/IridiumHardware.html

      NAL - Standard Modems
    • no , 9601 is old, there are newer and cheaper modems now, these days, I'd read up on 9602

      Pricing depends on many things, including where in the world you operate, same goes for speed.

      check with your dealer or http://www.satphonestore.com

    • ok

      let me check

      thank you for your help

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