Develop standard, re-usable inexpensive solutions for IP-enabled always-on UAVs over cellular IP networks such as GPRS, 3G, 4G etc.

Primary goal: Telemetry over low cost cellular [achieved in testing]

Secondary goal: Bi-directional GCS/Telemetry over cellular IP [achieved in testing]

Tertiary goal: High speed IP for streaming IP video over cellular 3G/4G

STATUS: Bi-directional telemetry over cellular IP (UDP or TCP) is now working. It has been flown successfully while logging live telemetry to a GCS at home, several miles away [distance is really unlimited]. Currently working on improving code, more testing and broader hardware support.

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  • Hi Alan

    If we just went by the difference in uplink and downlink frequency a 3G video call wouldn't be possible. Clearly the cell-phone tower does some stuff in between.(I guess compresses data and changes the frequency)

  • Hi Tommy

    Excellent find. I have just ordered the Pi but of course it is on back order!

  • As far as I can see it would not work as the Tx/Rx are on different frequencies. For example lets take the 1800 band – Uplink MHz 1,710.2-1,784.8       Downlink MHz 1,805.2-1,879.8.

    Your 3G dongles would transmit on the uplink frequency but can only receive on the Downlink frequency therefore dongle two cannot receive a signal from dongle one and vice versa.

    If it was possible you would be breaking the law.

  • Let's assume the laptops were in 2 different cities. So you couldn't use a wireless lan/wifi.

    A conventional modem would enable point to point data transfer. Can a 3G modem also do this. In which case you should be able to transfer a file from 1 laptop to the other by dialing the sim card number of the other modem.

  • You can use a direct wifi connection between the 2 laptops without using the 3g modems. Setup VLC to stream between the laptops.

  • Suppose you have 2 usb 3G modems, connected to 2 laptops. Can you exchange files/video between the 2 laptops without involving the internet.

    I know a 3G video call is possible between 2 phones, so i guess it should be possible to stream video from 1 laptop and view it on another. The reason i would like to avoid the internet layer is that it seems unnecessary. We just need reliable point to point communication/data links for a uav

  • I think maybe we can find the solution on this link

  • Will

    It may be the Sim Card slot is not functioning but that is not important. Yes they connect to a computer but that is what the Rasberry Pi is. I agree that if you are using Windows then you use the included software, however I see no reason why software cannot be written for the Rasberry Pi computer to access the Dongle as it uses a simple USB interface.

  • I have one of these USB dongles from verizon (3g CDMA) although it does have a sim card slot....but I always thought they just converted a gsm board an it was not functional. 

    Either way I believe it uses your computer (and the included software) to operate....

  • Hi Tommy

    Good work you are halfway there. I was going to put the scope on the dongle but it is probably easier to use a terminal program in the Pi.

    I am about to order a Pi but with a bit of luck you will have it sorted before mine arrives.

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need help understanding if we can rin it on a 2560 multiwii?

hi guys might have a project that require telemetry especially tracking and logging . how do I get about setting up an multiwii 2560 drone to communicate to GSM module and what would be on the server side if it uses 3G 4G systems im looking for people to collabthe idea is to run it off a web browser and serversuggested links pertaining to hardwares and codes on both aircraft side and server side would be helpfulthanks

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Telemetry via LTE, Controlling your infrastructure.

Hey guys, I'm brand new to this forum, but far from brand new to the sUAS industry.  I've been a engineer and developer in this arena since about 2012.  I wanted to hop into this discussion to get some insight and exposure for some of the stuff I've been working on.  I'm the Chief Innovations Officer at Fenix Group Solutions out here in D.C.  I wanted to expose you guys (hopefully reaching the developer community) to VCore.  VCore is a fully virtualized 4G LTE core network in the form factor of…

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WiFi Drone Disabler - Security Matters

Hey guys,I came across an article about making a Drone WiFi disabler on Make that I thought was cool. Then I realized that this could be a future problem for some people. In short, make sure that you are setting up encryption especially if running SoftAp.This hack basically makes use of the fact that some manufacturers don't set the encryption by default when first launched out of the box. This is just a heads up to everyone so you aren't a future…

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