• I was able to find some tutorials and was able to configure survey on Tower app. Still wondering about few things

    (1) What is Hatch Angle?

    (2) How do I keep camera shooting downwards vertically when in solo gimbal in autonomous flight?

    (3) How to geoTag images from GoPro?

    • Hi RG,

      1) The "Hatch Angle" is the angle of your path the Solo will fly for the survey. For example, if you have a survey that is in a rectangular shape, you can have the Solo fly back and forth either the height of the survey area (many short trips) or fly back and forth the width of the area (fewer long trips). The best way to see this is to upload your survey to the Solo and you will then see the path it will take on your survey. Change the hatch angle and upload the new survey to your Solo to see the difference. I wish Tower would show the actual path (waypoints) on a survey mission before uploading to the sUAS. The Windows program Mission Planner does this and has more options for creating a survey, but is a little more complicated.

      2) Use your Solo controller and point the camera down (0 degrees) manually before you take off. I don't think there's currently a way to change the camera angle automatically in a mission.

      3) I know there's tutorials out there on how to add geoTag to GoPro images. But the ones I can think of aren't for using Tower. They are for using Mission Planner.

      Have fun, and safe flying!

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