Is Tower being actively maintained anymore?

Since November, I've not been able to login to DroneShare from the Tower app, and just yesterday I was surprised to find that "auto takeoff" commanded from Tower to my Iris+ disabled the Pitch and Roll input from the right stick on my controller. (talk about unsafe)

The workaround is to manually take off, or switch modes when its just sitting up there after auto take off in "pause" by switching modes a couple times from the controller.

I also use Tower with my Solo for auto missions, but with this "bug", I'm now leery of what operational state Tower is truly in at this time.



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  • That's not occur when you autotake off with Mission planner or a switch? I never try, thank's for advise.

    You can report the issue here ,

    what I see is that time to time developers merge many issues from there and pull a new release, so, I think that is the best place to share an issue to have good results..

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