Tower and airplanes?

Is someone flying planes  with Tower here? Yesterday I used for the first time and notice that altitude is over sea level, anyone know how to change to relative alt from take off?

Anyone try missions with airplane and Tower? any consideration?

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  • I found in my Droidplanner collection that first vers has altitude for airplanes,; what happens if I write the mission with that vers, someone fly planes in the past with the first vers?, then we can use the Tower to follow the fligth? 

  • I find a param ALTITUDE OFFSET, if I change 0 to sea level altitude I obtain 0 altitude at home but I have still the problem that I need higher altitude than 200 mts, What happend if I use for Ex 200 mts sea level+200 mts and set 200 mts mission? Can I flight mission at 400 mts? any experience?

  • I have had this stupid problem with 'plane' MANY times. I don't think it's just Tower it's 'plane'. I can never get a straight answer to why this is or how to fix it. I did notice on my taranis if I turn the TX on and off a couple times for some reason it finally reads zero. 

    • I'm going to try with my Aurora and tells

  • I installed tower.... but my phgone is not OTG, so i'm making a cable for with a external power source...
    I let you know if I succeeed.

    • Some people uses bluetooth if not succeed, good luck

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