Tower v3.2.1 Release

Fredia announces a new release. Thank's Fredia

Tower v3.2.1 changelog:

  • Support for FPV video streaming using UVC Devices by Guilherme Blanco 
  • Support for ArcGIS Online map tiles
    • ArcGIS Online is an online collaborative web GIS. With the added support, you can access and cache ready to use maps and layers provided by the service.
  • Support for custom video stream provider
  • Google cardboard support thanks to the integration of the DronePro app by Shawn Fraser
  • Improved Mission Editor
    • Added support for the Reset ROI mission item
  • UX update for the telemetry connection preferences
  • Removal of the droneshare account integration pending rehabilitation of the site api
  • Material design update for the navigation drawer thanks to jandrop
  • Improved spanish, german, chinese, and portuguese translations
  • Numerous bug fixes and under the hood improvements!

Thanks to all the members of the beta testing group for helping iron out the issues and bugs in order to make this release possible.


Those interested in testing the latest and greatest can get access to the beta release at

And please report any encountered issues on the Tower issues tracker.

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