Add building KMZ file error

I am struggling with how to add building from KMZ. I developed 3D model with agisoft photoscan and export it as KMZ file. Then, do the process as mentioned in manual to add this model into ugcs by browsing the file located in my same computer. However, I still not able to make it work.

In one case, it just fails to add the model and the error message says: the request timed out.

In the other case, (with different model source), it passes through the process but after I close the window I doesn't see any model has been added on the map.

Any help is appreciated!

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  • I believe so. Thanks.

  • Hi, 

    models generated using Photoscan can contain hundreds of thousands of polygons, and UgCS can't process such models.
    Please try to reduce number of polygons in models.
    If this will not help please send your model to, they will say what is wrong with your models (or with UgCS :))

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