Corridor scan in UgCS

I am a new user to UgCS. I really need to be able to do a corridor scan where I define a path (like a power line or a pipeline or a railroad line) and have the flight paths created automatically based on my camera parameters/GSD. QGroundControl has this feature and it works very well. Is it possible to do this in UgCS currently? Could you PLEASE add the feature to UgCS? This is a huge feature for me as I do missing person searches and I need to follow along certain terrain features. Thank you.

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  • Thank you Alexei! This feature will make the search for missing persons so much easier. I will send that message to right away.

  • Hi Greg,

    we are developing it right now and plan to release very shortly this summer. Will keep you posted. You can send a message to, so we could notify you.  


    Alexei Yankelevich

    UgCS Team

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