Hi, guys,

Recently one of our customers discovered an interesting fact while doing a photogrammetry survey using DJI A2 autopilot system - if the time between consecutive photos was set at less than 2.1 seconds, not all of the photos were taken. Despite the camera used guaranteeing a minimum time between consecutive photos as 0.9 seconds, there seems to exist a certain lag time within the Flight Controller that extends this minimum time between consecutive shots.

After doing the tests with time between photos being longer than 2.1 seconds, the problem did not seem to come up for this customer.

We just thought to inform you about the fact that the minimum amount of seconds between photos depends on the specific delay for each Flight Controller. Thus, if you plan on doing flights with a short delay time between consecutive shots, please be aware of this issue. If possible, we can suggest doing a test run to see if the time set works for your specific setup.

Let us know if you have had any similar experience!

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