Dear all,

I am trying to upload a mission to the aircraft and get this message:

"The GPS signal of the aircraft is weak"

Besides, I have 17 GPS, either in the UgCS for DJI and in telemetry.


Can someone help me?






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  • Thank you Garrett.

    I have compass and IMU calibration and now it is working fine.

    I believe it was bad compass calibration that was causing this problem.

    Thanks a lot.

  • Also you can probably override this, but I wouldn't necessarily recommend it.
  • I've had "similar problems" but not with DJI. This could be totally wrong but my advice is to recalibrate your GPS and compass away from wifi and metal or electromagnetic objects. If that doesn't work there may be something attached to the Drone (which, btw?) That is causing interference- like a camera, gimbal motors, who knows. If you're using something RTF, my best guess is it's defective, either because it came that way or it crashed and needs, at least to be recalibrated. This may or may not be true. It's just what I would think based on my slightly limited, but adequate experience.
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