Mission error

I’m getting an error that the radius of the mission is above the acceptable limit. Never seen this before. I did run a firmware update on my dji inspire 1 pro. any ideas. Im in the field and cannot fly

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  • Note, just tested again back in lab, and the tablet app "Permission" issue went away.  

    I suspect this was due to flying with DJI Go 4 app (for videography flight re-initializes permission?).  If ever clearing data & cache on UgCS, i would recommend doing a quick flight with DJI Go 4 then try relaunching UgCS, but this has yet to be tested thoroughly.

  • Please send this problem description to support@ugcs.com together with log files from your Android device, they located here:

    Device storage > Android > data > com.ugcs.android.vsm.dji > files > log_cat 

  • Thanks, note, we were running into some errors in beta version (bad data uplink).  We cleared data and cache, and haven't gotten the tablet app to function since (even with the newer version).  Error: "Permission Check Failure- For first time registration, app should be connected to the Internet"- even when connected to internet.

  • Hi, UgCS for DJI 2.6 has been released.


  • yes, the 2.6 beta app for the tablet worked.

  • I'm very sorry for that. We saw mail from DJI about that and decided that one more mail isn't necessary. It seems that we were wrong.

    Yes, another possible solution is to use UgCS for DJI app 2.6 (beta version). It can be downloaded here - https://www.ugcs.com/en/page/version-2-6-beta.

    It should work good. Also this version has long awaited camera focus control...

  • I had a similar error with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro yesterday with an updated DJI Go 4 app.  

    In UgCS app on Android table, we would take off, try to fly above 30 m (photogrammetry mission was > 30 m) and it would not go above 30 m. We tried to start the mission and the error gave "The radius of mission is over the acceptance limit". Notes:

    • I uninstalled and reinstalled (~ July 20) before yesterday's mission attempt but there may have been some additional DJI Go 4 app updates in between.  Wondering if we need to do an uninstall and reinstall for every DJI Go 4 update
    • flew using DJI Go 4 and can easily go over 30 m altitude and flew out over 100 m
    • we were close to Class C airspace but not within (DJI Go 4 gave a warning)
    • we were able to fly missions at the same site before the DJI July update
    • we did not have maximum distance box checked in DJI Go 4 app which seems to be a possible solution suggested in another thread: http://diydrones.com/group/ugcs/forum/topics/dji-inspire2-not-accep...

    I did an uninstall and reinstall of the DJI Go and UgCS apps yesterday- hopefully no update today ha. I just got an email from UgCS just now to test with a UgCS beta version (2.6) update and will try to test tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

  • This also happened to me and i lost a day of work.

    it would be great if UgCS could send out an email or something if they know DJI have changed something like this.


  • You will need latest DJI GO 4 app.

    1. Unload all application like DJI GO, UgCS, Litchy
    2. Start DJI GO 4 (latest version)
    3. It should ask you to login using your DJI account
    4. After succesfull login to DJI ensure that your drone is recognized by DJI GO 4
    5. Say big "thanks" to DJI :)
    6. After that you can use another apps

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