Oblique photogrammetry possible?

I photograph large structures (buildings and outdoor locations) for reconstructions using photogrammetry and would like to know if UgCS is a tool I can use for my business.

The majority of my work is oblique photography from the side of the building/structure, and most of the structures don't exist in google maps as 3d objects. Ideally I would do a few quick passes with an UAV and generate a rough 3d asset that I could then import into UgCS so I can use it as a guide to plan my main mission. (I think UgCS already allows for importing of 3d assets)

Then I need the software to systematically create a flight plan to cover every square inch of the structure with oblique images (camera pointing parallel to the ground), since I need images that are perpendicular to the face of the structure. (I should be able to specify amount of vertical and lateral overlap)

To be even more specific, it would be nice if the camera was always pointing perpendicular to the structure, since for photogrammetry, perpendicular shots to the surface of interest are the best kind of images.

The work I am doing is high resolution 3d re-constructions, and scanning in generic paths from a long distance away is not enough. I need to be around 10m away from the structure at all times (to achieve the resolution I need) which means many orbits at various altitudes and at an offset distance from the structure, to achieve the image coverage.

As an example, imagine needing to scan the side of a rock face which is 500m long and 100m tall, and has outcroppings that can stick out 20m in some places.

Is this type of mission planning possible in UgCS?

(I currently do this kind of work but it's not very efficient and lots of areas don't get photographed and others get overly photographed, and the distance to the subject is not always constant)

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  • Thanks for the reply Alexey!
    That sounds interesting. Can't wait!

    Any way to get on a beta test list to try out those Facade Scan features? I may be able to provide some feedback.

  • Hi, we are going to implement Facade Scan tool in one of nearest UgCS version.

    Currently you can plan such kind of missions manually using 3D interface of UgCS.

    You can import rough 3D model of your buildings into UgCS (from KMZ file) to simplify planning. Rough model you can create for example in Sketch-Up.

  • ooops... https://leddartech.com/modules/leddarone/ is the one I use.... 3d printed case, very light...good for about 40-60m

    nfi just a happy end user

  • ...I can't speak specifically to your UgCS interface control Q, but can at least suggest how to maintain your distance. to surfaces..... but it's dependant on your flight controller.

    At least using Pixhawk.... you can use a LEDDAR (yes spelled correctly) Pixhawk (Misson Planner configuration controls for the Pixhawk family) lets you set the 'pointing' direction of your LEDDAR unit. EG: down for alt hold control, UP to stop it from hitting the ceiling (car park, cave ceiling etc) and any of the four directions relative to the front of your craft

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