I can't get either to work. I am setting up a mission that has one waypoint, then a photogrammetry segment, and then a waypoint to get me home. I set a camera action for Camera by Time. All waypoints and the photogrammetry section are set to Stop and Turn. My drone's camera (Mavic 2 Pro) starts snapping images when it should right after the first photogrammetry section waypoint, but as soon as it reaches the next waypoint in the photogrammetry section the action gets killed. I can then use the Interval Timer on the UgCS for DJI app, but everytime the drone reaches a waypoint the action gets killed again. This is HUGE. I can't believe that nobody else is experiencing this problem.

Please help. Thanks!

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  • Hi,

    please check "Action execution" in the Photogrammetry tool. It should be "Forward passes" or "Every point".

    You can export the route and send it to UgCS support with your question.

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