Strange Waypoint Vertical Jump

Can someone tell me what's going on here?  It usually happens when I convert an Area Scan to waypoints, or if I import a waypoint file.  I have a 2.5 m resolution DEM loaded.  It doesn't always do this, but it might correlate with the number of waypoints there are.  This route has 1600.  However I'm seeing it when it's as low as 700 too.  It should be direct lines from each waypoint to the next but often it just travels horizontally and then vertically down to the waypoint.


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  • Ok, figured this out.  If the 'Safe Height Over Terrain' of the Vehicle Profile is the same as the flight height of the route, and it's been converted to waypoints, that's when it does this.

  • I haven't tried flying it this way, is it possible it's just a graphical bug?  It does this in 3.0.1302 and 3.0.537.  I haven't tried others yet.

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