Version 2.8 Latest update features


I'm reading over the release notes for versions 2.7 and 2.8 and want to make sure I'm understanding what features have been added.

1. Does this allow adaptive banked turns for the Inspire 1? (I don't think this worked in the past.) If so, that should speed up how quickly a mission can be flown. I'm burning a lot of time stopping at each waypoint turn.

2. In order to trigger the Inspire 1 X5 faster than once every five seconds, should I be using Area Scan instead of Photogrammetry?

3. No focus support yet via the new DJI SDK, correct? The downside to this is that going into DJI GO to set focus after a battery change breaks the UGCS connection, and I can't resume a mission from the last waypoint. Or, I just haven't figured out how to yet...



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  • The adaptive banking turn option, while available, produces an error message when the route is uploaded: "All actions in the route will be ignored as route have one or more segments with turn type=adaptive bank turn" Is this a bug, or just an issue with the Inspire 1 Pro?

  • By the way, as a side note, I just purchased one of these - - in order to make it easier to move around in the field with a laptop and DJI radio. For really large parcels, I walk with the drone so that the distance from take-off to first waypoint as I change batteries is minimized. I haven't tried it yet, as it arrived late yesterday, but I'll report on how well it works.

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