Yaw/Pitch control with Lightbridge 2 + A3


We are using a DJI M600 with a Ronin MX gimbal and an Android tablet.

When using the DJI app we can select between making the gimbal yaw and pitch using the C2 button on the controller, you then use the dial to move the gimbal. 

If we then switch to the UgCS app the C2 button will not switch between giving you yaw or pitch control, it will just be set to whatever the last setting was when using the DJI app. Is there a way to swap between having yaw/pitch control while a mission is being flown using UgCS?

What we need is to set the gimbal to face down at 40 degrees and to the right at 90 degrees for the mission. When trying to do this using the mission planner options the yaw slowly goes from straight to 90 over the course of the transect (or some other result, I haven't done it for a while so can't remember the exact behaviour), I can add in extra way-points at the start end to trick it but it still doesn't give ideal results. I believe this behaviour is what is expected and isn't a bug from reading the documentation.

Any help or workarounds would be great.



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  • Hi Dmitrijs,

    Thanks for that. I'll try the new version for the next project I need to point sideways. Do you have an ETA when 2.15.17 will be released properly? My insurance requires I don't use any "Beta" software.


  • Hello Robert. 

    First, thanks for feedback. 

    1. Indeed, unfortunately in UgCS for DJI mobile application we don't have a way to set C1/C2 switch actions. But I will register this improvement to be done in next release. 

    2. The yaw behavior in mobile application 2.14.x and before was a magic. But exactly this magic allowed us to have a multiple POI in a mission. However we changed YAW and POI behavior in a new 2.15.17 release. 

    (it is available for tests here https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.ugcs.android.vsm.dji

    So now, set Yaw action will force drone to keep this yaw until next Yaw action or mission end. No need for extra WP in a mission.

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