• Does anyone fancy going halfs on a pack of blue foam in South Wales Area for building wings? its around £100 for 8 sheets of Dow Styrofoam....1 sheet = 2500mm x 600mm x 50mm....


  • Yep I've been playing with in Chepstow...

  • Running late for the school run this morning. I will sign on this evening and we can discus this further!

  • As boring as it sounds I am building a 20% scale Predator. I estimate MTO with 15 litres of parafin will be 65-70lbs. I have not even considered the legalities of this yet. Engine should run for 70 mins and produce 35lb of thrust on a 27" 3 blade prop. I estimate an easy round trip to the NE border of the Beacons!

    The airframe is partly complete (7 feet long 9" wide) needs the carbon fibre skin to finish. Then onto the 13 feet span carbon wings.

  • Hi Richard I also live in South Wales. Tinkering with lots of things UAV. At the moment building a Wren turboprop for my machine.

  • I'm in South West Wales but haven't tinkered with my quad for ages, it's just sat there in my garage as I couldn't get it quite right

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