Great news for us in the UK!

The CAA have changed the rules around type rating, you no longer have to be certified to operate an individual UAV (drone), but are qualified to operate a class of UAV. There are four classes;

3691185488?profile=originalThis information was publised on the CAA web site last Friday the 6th of March 2015, see here;


The full Pdf document can be viewed online here;

Civil Aviation Authority Information Notice Number: IN–2015/008

or I've attached it here; InformationNotice%202015008.pdf

This means as of the 6th March 2015, anybody who holds a PFAW for a micro UAV like the DJI s800 can now operate any sub 7kg multirotor if they are insured for that aircraft! Likewise for fixedwing, i.e. if you hold a PFAW for an eBee, you can operate any sub 7kg fixed wing.

I would like to thank the CAA and all those who have contributed to making this change, its really going to help with our commercial operations in the UK.

Now I'm off to celebrate!


InformationNotice 2015008.pdf

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  • Good to see somebody in the CAA has probably realised that if they let the NQE's set the standard and charges to hold a recognised SUA/CAA qualification only the "Big Boys" could afford it. 

    I'm sure a lot of people who'd considered doing one are put off/excluded by the current cost.

    It's interesting to read the US FAA's current Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM) on their take of the proposed SUA/UAV legislation for America.

    FAA NPRM 2015-03544.pdf
  • Utterly awesome!

    It really is refreshing to see the CAA as progressive as they are considering the UK is so health and safety conscious.

    While this would not be great for the guys doing approvals, their cash-cow has now been put on a bit of a diet, it really is a great step!

    Hope our friends over the pond get some sense out of the FAA soon...


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