Help What Xbee modules should I get ?

Hi guys I was looking at getting some telemetry for my APM2 but havent a clue what ones to go for. RS components have loads of Xbee gear and this is where I would be getting it so wondered if anyone could point out what one to get please. There is Pro,Zigbee and S1 S2 and different antennae choices also. 

I would want a long range option (up to1 KM ) and like the idea of a whip antennae but apart from that I dont really know what else to look for.

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  • I am in the UK and ordered the 3DR radios last week direct from 3DR, I choose the normal shipping at just over $4 and they arrived in 6 days. Not Bad. I did however have to pay £10 customs duty and £8 to Royal Mail for them collecting the Customs duty. The conversion from Dollars was about £50 on my credit card plus the £18 so not a bad price. When I ordered no one had them in stock in the UK that I could find.

    I could not find the APM2 in stock in the UK so I ordered from  Very good price and service I think VAT is only 8% in Switzerland. Again only 4 Euros postage and arrived in 2 days.

  • Im using these on 868mhz. Ive not managed to get my Y6 out of range.....yet!

    I hear the 3DR radios on 433mhz are excellent and the config is builtin to the MP

    Personally i wouldnt touch xbee with the current offerings available unless you had some xbee gear already.

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