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Rob Haines replied to Randy's discussion ArduCopter 2.7.2/2.7.3 released
What have you guys done?!?! This is fannytastic!!!
Dumped my Y6 and rebuilt a hex. The difference is night and day!
WOW well done!!!!!"
Sep 5, 2012
Rob Haines replied to Adam Kimberlin's discussion Ducted Fan Design: Is It Worth It?
"I gave this ago a couple of months back mainly to protect the props but i didnt research the science behind it all. It's a 30cm duct to fit a 12" prop. It was U shaped to begin with but locked itself on to the mould. Had to trim it in to a J and had…"
Aug 14, 2012
Rob Haines left a comment on UK Ardupilot Group
"I've not familiar with the 3dr radios but on all transeivers you you should have a Tx and RX. One the air unit link these connections and power it up. Now with the ground unit connected to a laptop connect a terminal program to the port the ground…"
Jul 25, 2012
Rob Haines replied to Darren Stan Oakley's discussion Help What Xbee modules should I get ? in UK Ardupilot Group
"Im using these on 868mhz. Ive not managed to get my Y6 out of range.....yet!
I hear the 3DR radios on 433mhz are excellent and the config is builtin to the MP

Personally i wouldnt touch xbee with the current offerings available unless you had some…"
Jul 24, 2012
Rob Haines left a comment on UK Ardupilot Group
"Hi Dudz, here's a pic of my Y6. I've make some landing gear from carbon fibre. There's about 5mm of clearance from the props. I've then duck taped fibreglass rods in a X while im learning.
When i get a spare couple of hours ill cut somthing like…"
Jul 13, 2012
Rob Haines left a comment on UK Ardupilot Group
"Absolutely Martin, so long as woven glass is used correctly there will be a large amount of strength running along the direction of the fibres. The CSM (shop strand matting) in fibre glass kits has very little structual strength and relies heavily…"
Jun 3, 2012
Rob Haines left a comment on UK Ardupilot Group
"I make all sorts from the stuff.
Please dont get me wrong, im not passing judgment on the frames.......yet;) They look ace and im sure they've been developed for the application. It just bugs the hell out of me when i see what's supposed to decent…"
Jun 2, 2012
Rob Haines left a comment on UK Ardupilot Group
"Carbon has high tensile strength but it's very brittle and cannot take much in the way of shock and would catastrophically fail. Adding a core such as closed cell foam would make it too thick. Adding a core like soric defeats the object of least…"
Jun 2, 2012
Rob Haines left a comment on UK Ardupilot Group
"Martin, very nice carbon frames. I was looking at making something myself but have been tied up with other things,
What is the finish of the carbon like? I've seen close up pics of the top domes before and was full of pits.
Any idea on the composite…"
Jun 2, 2012
Rob Haines replied to Luke Joseph's discussion All for show and not for go
"That kind of sounds like what im working on a the moment. Its a 34mm ID duct 50mm deep.

And here's a prototype in carbon fibre straight from the mould and unfinished. Weighs in a 140g"
May 5, 2012
Rob Haines replied to etienne.t.micallef's discussion tricopter liftoff
"Hi, I had a similar problem with my y6. Do you apply right pitch to level out? Turns out my spirit level that I was using wasnt exacty level!"
May 3, 2012