Newb question alert....

Hi folks,

Can I first say, great group!

I'm looking for some advice (feel free to flame if you feel it necessary).

I'm going to utter the words... on a budget.

So with that in mind, is this a worthwhile kit?  

Carbon Fiber Mini ZMR250 Quadcopter Frame Motor Esc TX RX Flight Control Board

Or would I be better getting individual parts?

Also, has anyone else noticed that the Union Flag is in distress?



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  • Thanks for that Crispin.

    Yeah, was really looking for a box with everything solution.

    The tx/rx gets some good write ups on several rc forums, not the best - but good enough.

    Would definitely upgrade the FC once I have some additional funds.

    I have some experience with micro drones and I have a rc heli, but really enjoy the drones.
    • Unless someone says "no, I bought one and it's really cr@p" then why not. If you wanted to be pedantic then perhaps put the motor, ESC and prop specs into eCalc and see what they say (although, according them them my heavy-lift hexa should not fly at all...)

      In the "other items" on that page there is the APM clone:

  • If you wanted something on a budget, and wanted "a box with everything in it" sure, go with that :)

    Some caveat emptor: It's budget - YMMV in how well it works.

    That controller looks like a KK (or KK2) which is very manual flying and might be harder to learn than going with something more advanced. Not impossible obviously. Just more manual.

    My thought process would be:

    Get the budget kit and when you can:

    Upgrade the FC to a APM 2.6 / Pixhawk (You can get a full clone set for under £100 now) or go with the original.

    Perhaps upgrade the radio and receiver combo if they start "acting funny"

    I don't think you'll do much less than £130 all-in like that.

    Be advised you still need batteries (3S / £20 for 2) and a charger (£20-£30 for starters)



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