Hi guys

Decided to abandon and sell my APM 2.0 mega purple on the Xaircraft X650 frame with gimbal

I had it all tweaked so RTL and position hold were acceptable but after a couple of updates I never got round to tweaking it again and now I decided to try I let the planner do an update now it won't run because the .net 4 framework won't install on my laptop so I have no APM planner software that I can use and I can't be bothered (more into planes now)

Anyway, here's a vid or two of when I had it tweaked and roughly dialed in:






You can consider the frame, motors, esc's and gimbal as being FREE with the APM 2.0 that's mounted on them

Frame is the original Xaircraft X650 (genuine 650 frame) with original motors and 12 x 3.8 balanced props

Gimbal is a GLB Scorpion 2 axis

TowerPro MG995 on tilt axis

Goteck 3630BB on roll axis

The lid/top has broken lugs and therefore has to be held on with tape or velcro, one of the legs has been repaired from a hard landing (they're quite delicate legs)

Also included is the original Xaitcraft controller and 4 in 1 high speed ESC (Ultra PWM), I beleive the controller is faulty



OrangeRX receiver NOT included, I will label the cables before removing it though


This will lift and fly with a 5000mah 3S plus gimbal and my Sony DSC-HX9V compact easily


£150 plus delivery of about £10




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  • Shame it wasn't the x650 v4 frame. Does it include the apm?
  • Hi Terry, Did you sell this kit yet?

    If not, please let me know as I am very interested

    Thanks, JP

  • Hi Terry,

    I'm interested in your old kit. I sent you a PM, so if after searching your heart and you still want to give up your APM and the quad it's on. I'll make sure it flies again.

    PM me if you want to go ahead.

    All the best.


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