Selling my APM2


Had enough now

It was bad enough not being able to get any answers to getting the old firmware tuned for loiter etc

Upgraded to 2.6 and mav 1.0 and find that I have to re do all the PID stuff

Don't have Xbee or telemetry so it's a very slow process and just can't be bothered

Also discovered during trying to do the PID's with 2.6 that the alt hold has changed and as soon as you click to Loiter you have to very quickly set the throttle to 50% stick otherwise it will fall like a brick and break the landing gear :( not impressed

Anyone in the UK want to buy my APM2 it's £150 plus postage

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  • Oh well

    No takers

    Such a shame that there's little to no support for this from the producers

    I would have kept mine had I not uploaded the 2.6 firmware but as it is now it's pretty damned useless to me

    Reduced to £130 UK residents only plus postage

  • I decide to take it off my Y6 and put my Rabbit Fc back on and with stock settings it fly very well no more yaw issues.

    I will only use my apm2 for fix wing and see how it goes.

  • Moderator

    I think Chris has a point the larger props will not respond to error as quickly especially on those motors with 3s

    Terry you could try 10x4.5 props, you may find they work better as they can respond quicker. In all my videos of loiter and auto e.t.c I have 10x4.5 props on 700kv motors and thats on 4s.

  • HI Terry, 

              by all means tell me to bugger off, but im in the Uk, and working on the APM2, happy to help you through it.

    I am also having serious GPS problems, but....i think i am getting to the bottom of the problem.

    If not perhaps we can strike a deal.

    also the alt hold (from my limited understanding so far of the APM2) is a combination of factors, and i now have mine behaving in a normal fashion, Alt wise..

    Let me know if you fancy having one more go before handing in the towel.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Terry, I am in the UK and plan to buy an APM2 in next week or so. Will message you when decided it's the right time to grab one.


  • 3D Robotics

    Terry, sorry to hear about your problems, but wanted to drill down on the alt-hold one. That has not been my experience and I don't think it's the way it's designed. Had you tried alt-hold by itself? If so, did that do the same thing?

    Did you erase your eeprom and start with the default settings? They should be pretty much fine for standard sized multicopters, and there shouldn't be much tuning required.

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