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    @Dan, I haven't used that particular drone but I'm sure it will survive a boot up without an SD card.  It might have failed to boot that one time the card was missing but I doubt it will hurt it permanently.

  • Got question. Walkera 250 gps? SD CARD forgot to put in before,I  turned on .trying g to setup did I hurt to this.drone 

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    Re the mission planner, it shouldn't be possible to completely ruin a vehicle.  Even if a parameter is set accidentally it should be possible to restore it to it's "factory" default settings by going to the Terminal window, connecting and then typing "param reset" (at least I think that's the command, the software version is a couple of versions old so I forget exactly).

  • Bottom left hand corner of the members shows me!

    I wanted to add a screen shot of the picture quality of the mobious on my Tali H5003702129408?profile=original

  • I forgot to say that we have a Walkera G-3DH gimbal for sale if somebody wants one. Asking price around $300.00 ono.

  • I am presently flying a tali h500. We also fly a Scout, also have and fly a qrx350. Have tried the 3d gimbals but have reverted back to a 2d , my preference. We have found the best camera to use is a mobious. The conversion unit to a go pro configuration makes fitting into a standard gimbal great. We added a small weight at the back of the camera mount to compensate for the lens weight. We have used an sj4000, an Ilook, but none compare to the quality of the mobious. This camera also connects very well to fpb as well. We will not use mission planner again after it ruined a flight controller in our qx350. 

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    @martin,  It might be possible to wire up a screamy some how.

    As for a software solutoin, I've fallen a little behind on what hardware and software is on the walkera vehicles but last time I checked it was an AVR based CPU running a modified Copter-3.1.5.  The lost copter feature in ardupilot arrived with Copter-3.3 which won't run on the AVR cpu so that won't work.

  • Anyone know how to add a  'lost copter'  buzzer/sounder to help locate it when it's down amongst trees etc.


  • I did a back to back with the I-Look/Gimbal on my Phantom 2+ and the conclusion was that it is just as good as the DJI but gains a few grams due to the Telem. 

    The DJI camera has a slight tendency to hunt during auto exposure causing a flicker. This can be edited out but it also carries a colour shift at the same time. 

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Walkera Gimbals

Hi Guys anyone else playing with these gimbals. My first impression is that they are quite an advanced design, along the same lines as DJI in that they use a clutch drive with position encoded motors. Getting any response out of Walkera through their website is like talking to the wall. So I guess we will need to work though various agents if we want any info. 

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