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I don't know if you have all seen the write up by CanberraUAV however Andrew replied to a question with this:

"Comment by Andrew Tridgell 11 hours ago


We ran the Ubiquity radios in normal AirMax mode. We used it to send UDP packets encapsulating a protocol we invented for the event that we call block_xmit. That is a reliable block sending protocol that is particularly good in high packet loss environments. We got about 25% packet loss during the flight, so sending images and data using block_xmit helped a lot. It wouldn't have worked at all if we'd relied on a TCP video stream like is often used between buildings.

Also, we didn't actually need hi-res images sent to the GCS for the mission. We did soak up spare bandwidth (at 30kbytes/s) between the plane and the ground with compressed images, which gave us something nice to look at while we were waiting for it to find Joe, but if they hadn't come through it wouldn't have mattered. The key was sending the tiny thumbnails and python objects that come from the Joe recognition algorithm running on the plane.

Cheers, Tridge"

He says he saw a 25% packet loss and had to write his own protocol for transmitting the video. 

JB suggested we start a thread on video so I thought this might be a start.  

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  • Posting a link I have found for some military grade video transmitters and receivers:

    Will get solid 7km of solid video from these - either the digital or analog route.

    Can supply prices however they are pretty expensive however they are mil-spec and may avoid the Kingaroy Triangle.

  • Or do you go down the IP camera route:

    This one has PTZ.  However what is the latency and could you fly FPV with an IP camera?

  • Have been looking at amateur TV modules for the long range video link.

    My thoughts for the OBC are KISS and just really have a UAV FPV plane with one camera broadcasting back to the ground station.  Digital TV is a good idea however complex systems tend to fail in the Kingaroy Triangle.

    Videolynx ATV Transmitters
    Videolynx ATV transmitters
  • Developer

    this was for the pictures of joe. ie jpegs. not live video

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