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  • Thanks JB!
  • Hey John

    The old invite expired I accepted your request now you should have mail.


    Your in as well buddy!

  • Cheers JB!

    Mate I've searched high and low through all my accounts. Can't locate the invite?

    I've Joined on Google+ but that's not the group is it?

    Any ideas?


  • Hi John

    You should already have an invite from our WAUAV group. Maybe check your trash email for the link? Let me know if it doesn't work.

    I like your new bird btw...might have to have a look at it one day you're "onshore" for a change....I'd still really like to use a wing for SAR/OBC...

    Hobby King now sell a miniOSD clone as well btw. You need to watch the wiring to the APM that you get it the right way around with the TX/RX data, otherwise it doesn't do much...figured that out the hard way!

    Cya on the new group...you're sorely missed there! :)

  • Hi John,

    I hear you - I get a bit twitchy after a week.  

    I think the Horyzon total weight with screen is less than the GoPro however it does suck that the screen is not detachable.

  • Cheers Stephen, request sent.

    It's the new Hobby King (who else) Phantom FPV.

    Horizon HD is great...  but not too sure if I want to carry the screen with me as I like a minimalistic electronics bay and want as little weight as possible in this bird. Might just record via ground station... Composite quality sucks but the added bonus is that you are recording video link quality for analysis later which is great for testing antennas... Not sure yet.

    Incredibly well priced for the quality of finish!

    Back offshore on the 9th by the looks of things.... truly over it now. 4 weeks on.. less than 2 off, then another 4 weeks on the floating iron prison coming up by the looks of things. Crap!

    I've heard a few reports about people killing the Minim. Cheers for the tip... think I'll power mine off the APM too then. Do you know if it draws much current? I wouldn't imagine so... I love the idea of the minim just stripping the data from the APM. So much neater than another stand alone OSD.

  • Hi John which plane is that? Looks cool. 

    I've used MinimOSD - it's very good when it works. The new "extra" firmware is very full featured. They are very easy to burn out, though. Most people seem to have problems if they power both sides of the board. I just solder the jumpers and power off the APM. Seems to work fine. You will need to splice into your telemetry cable between APM and telemetry Tx to connect to MinimOSD

  • https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/wauav

    Google Groups
    Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations.
  • Hi John,

    You back onshore?  I am offshore next week for a week.

    Like the wing - why not try a Horyzon HD


    That is the camera I am going to buy when they come back in stock.

    The APM is working well now - just needs tuning.

    BTW you have the new group URL?  There is no reason you cannot participate.  I know you guys don't always have the comms offshore that the company people have however if you can get on the internet you can stay in touch.

  • Nice work Stephen!

    Just put together a new bird to try! It's my first APM flying wing.

    I think the size is pretty much perfect (1550mm). Should be good for somewhere around 35 - 40 mins with a 5000mah, is slow flying and fits in the car easily without disassembly.

    Foam quality is top notch. Very close tolerances and no gaps. Similar finish to the Penguin and it makes the X5 look prehistoric.

    Only the ESC looks marginal, upgrading to 40 amp for some headroom.

    Only downside is that fitting a GoPro might mess with the aerodynamics and balance, so might have to run with live feed only. 

    Has anyone on here used the Minim OSD? Might give it a bash on this one.



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Hi AllPurchased a FlyPro X600 and I am trying to sort out what would be the most suitable camera to use for FPV and some video/stills photography.  The supplier has wired it up for a GoPro 3.  That model is a little out of date but a good camera to start with although if I am going to purchase a camera I would like to only spend on a one of that last for sometime.  I have had a look at the specs for the for what I will be flying it for Sony FDR-X1000V.  The software has stabilisation and some…

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UAV Long Range Video

I don't know if you have all seen the write up by CanberraUAV however Andrew replied to a question with this:"Comment by Andrew Tridgell 11 hours ago@Stephen,We ran the Ubiquity radios in normal AirMax mode. We used it to send UDP packets encapsulating a protocol we invented for the event that we call block_xmit. That is a reliable block sending protocol that is particularly good in high packet loss environments. We got about 25% packet loss during the flight, so sending images and data using…

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APM2 board: not able to get past radio calibration step. please help.

Would anybody be able to help me with Mission Planner comms to APM2 board? I've hit a hump that is troubling me. I'm not able to get past radio calibration step on new board and gear (Turnigy 9ch). I've got considerable IT experience and some APM1 successes but this prob is a B. Could just be a faulty dataflash card or PC security jamming actions, Be great to hear your thoughts 9453 3580problem described at http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/no-bars-to-calibrate-radio-signal...CheersBrett

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