• Hi Adam,

    I like flying over the water and that side. Tis difficult to see if people are flying there as you drive by too. fri morn or W/E is when most fly there. do go - you shall enjoy. I've been distracted with other things of late so probably won't see me there for awhile (sad face) (saving carnaby cockatoos, kids, another altogether different flying platform , and I work in city now so dropping in before work is a no go). Mind you if you say this sun morn, the 28th I'll do my best to get there with my flysky as its been too long since flying.


  • Popped in for a quick morning flight a coupe of weeks ago.... no problems for me.

    Great site, loved every second. Beautiful scenery.

    I'm going to approach Clontarf College (on Manning Road) about the use of their Oval ... I will keep you posted!


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