Would anybody be able to help me with Mission Planner comms to APM2 board? I've hit a hump that is troubling me. I'm not able to get past radio calibration step on new board and gear (Turnigy 9ch). I've got considerable IT experience and some APM1 successes but this prob is a B. Could just be a faulty dataflash card or PC security jamming actions, Be great to hear your thoughts 9453 3580

problem described at http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/no-bars-to-calibrate-radio-signal...



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  • problem now resolved, simple as reversing throttle at the Tx and not in the APM software.

    cheers, Brett

  • Hello Brett.

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I have a working APM2 and GCS and I'd be happy to catch up and do some troubleshooting if you like?

    As im not sure if it is too lat to call you now (10pm) so if you send me a message via PM Ill reply with my details so you can call me whenever.



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