auto grid mission with my talon

3691344464?profile=originalHi friends,

Can anyone help my to fix this problem regarding strange and unuseful turns on grid mode (just turns on South part) versus the northern that seem to be fine?

thank you.

The plane ia a TALON with extended wings. L1 NAV 15, dumping 0,80.

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  • 3702378487?profile=originalThis is a flight I did a few years back at 60 Km/h airspeed.

    If you dig back a number of posts, you will find my parameters.

    I don't have them on this computer, I've sort of stopped flying :-(

    I always wanted to try the autotune for aircraft, never got to it...

  • thank you Gustav for your interest answering me:

    There was no wind and the airspeed was approx. 12m/s.

    Note that when I planned the mission iI've setted 100 meters of overshoot but no way to have a clear turning path.

    thank you,


  • Other than the fact that Talon cannot turn as sharp as the route you set up, what was your airspeed set too, and what was the wind doing?

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