XUAV Talon on its way


I decided to take a big jump into arduplane & pixhawk by purchasing a XUAV Talon as my first APM plane. I hear already some voices say I should have started with a Bixler but I should already benefit from my Arducopter knowledge, I hope.

I ordered at fpv model because there are no Talon offering in Europe (one in Switzerland but three times the price). It should arrive in a few days.

I have to decide on motor and prop. I have read some good combinations like a 550kv T-motor with 12x6 prop; or for longer flights a low kV config such as a T-motor 400kv with 15x5 prop (in 6S battery config).

Do you guys have good advices for me? 

I would also be interested by your PID params for your Talon config.

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  • MR60

    For information, with the following motor configuration:

    4S config and a rctiger MN3510-700Kv with a 13x8 prop, I measured on the bench 1000 gr of thrust at 50% throttle , for a consumption of 8.8 amps (battery at 3.8V per cell)

  • MR60

    About motor for the Talon, i will first use a 4S config (to start lighter than with 6S) using a rctiger MN3510-700Kv with a 13x8 prop. Once I get to fly it correctly, I will move to a 6S with rctiger AT2826-550KV and 12x6 prop.

  • My Talon arrived this week. This would be my second uav, fist one and still flying is FX-61 wing. Very good uav but space get cramped when you add APM with telematry radios, video down link, still photo camera and 5000-10000mah batteries. Full load is 2,2-2,5kg with 40min flight time.

    I hope the Talon will be able to carry this and give me 1hour flight time. I plan to use Turnigy G10 1100kv motor with 11x4 prop and 3s 5000mah batteries, because I have them at the moment. I know I can use a 4s, but will have to buy them, with the G10 with 9x6 prop. Will do tests to see which will give me the longest flight times.

    I plan to paint it black underneath, and the body a bright orange.

    • Did you get the 1 hour flight time?

  • Ordered the Red Talon from Fpvstyle with free Wing extension!! Talon was available with my LHS at a bit higher cost, but the deal at FpvStyl ($99 + $40 shipping + Wing extension free ) was tempting.

    I have Axi 2826/8 (around 11(around 920kv) lying with me. Would they be good for Talon ?? I have seen  people using lover KV motor and higher Cell count of 6S for long flight but Axi are known for their efficiency.

  • MR60

    Thx for your advice's.

    I spotted these wing extensions as well. 

    Christian, are you selling those?

    • Moderator

      If you find a US seller for the wing extensions please let me know.  I would also like to order a set.  

    • Unfortunately only to South Africa, the shipping to the rest of the world is way to expensive. FPV Model might be selling them its best you contact them.

    • Hi,

      I am opening a drone school in France and I want to purchase a Talon for advanced training, while students will most certainly want to purchase it also at the end of their training.

      Is fpvmodel the only way to ship to Europe ? Shipping cost is just horrendous, and I am not even talking about custom taxes. A European hub for selling the talon would be great.

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