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  • This is great that we can save precious weights.

    I will order few to test.

  • Hobbyking weights always include packaging, so that the shipping weight (and hence shipping cost) are accurately calculated. My 4S 5000 lists as 1 gram lighter than the 4S 6600 Multistar, so battery weight will be almost identical.

    Indeed, that's the whole point of the Multistars... to deliver a higher energy density at the same weight as the higher C rating batteries. They're all 10C batteries though, but that isn't a problem. On a 6600 mAh battery (6.6 amp hours), 10C is 66 amps... I need about 1/10th of that... i.e., most flight situations are around 1C. Full power climb on my mini is still sub 15 amps, so less than 3C. A 10C battery is more than I need... and indeed, at the capacity levels we want for endurance UAVs, 10C is more than most of us need.

  • @Tim: I was reading regarding the Multistar battery that they are made for the copters. 

    • Ultra high capacity LiPoly batteries designed specifically for multi-rotor use.

    Minimum Capacity: 4000mAh
    Configuration: 3S1P / 11.1V / 3Cell
    Constant Discharge: 10C
    Peak Discharge (10sec): 20C
    Pack Weight: 244g

    Will the 10C work better with our fixed wings?

    If yes, then we are saving at least 20%. From 80 for each 3S 1Ah to 61g. 

    I saw on the HK website under each battery details those info :

    3S 3000 = 195 g => 65g for every 1000 mAh

    3S 4000 = 244g => 61g for every 1000mAh

    3S 5200 = 325g => 62.5g for every 1000 mAh

    But on the Title in the product list, the weight is different. For the 3S 4000 the weight is 331g instead of 244g

    We have to check with them about it. 

  • Well, we have multiple antennas:

    1- vTX antenna: the mushroom 1.2 Ghz
    2- Telemetry modem 1W with dipole Antenna 900 MHz 

    3- Scherrer rx with the 2 dipole antenna. 433 MHz

    And I guess most of them should be 60cm away from each other, that's why I guess we have to use one the wings to install the vtx and antenna and the other wing we will install the telemetry modem. 

    Unless if there are other better options...

  • Elios,

    Foam presents NO obstruction to radio waves, so you can safely have the antenna inside the body....

    Tim, info noted, there is a miniTalon lying on the bench :-)

  • I haven't run a full battery down, but from the tests I've done, I estimate 35-40 minutes. I'm looking to try out the new Multistar batteries, which would permit me to go to a 4S 6600mAh battery for the same weight as the current 4S 5000's... and I expect that should get me an additional 10 minutes (so call it 45 minutes for safety).

  • @Gustav  I am talking about the big Talon. 

    @Tim: What flight duration are you able to do with the mini with the 5000mAh?

    In mine, I will have 1 Mushroom antenna coming out from the frame.

  • If you're just doing gentle cruising, then 75W/point (or about 150-160W per kg is enough)... having a little margin would mean about 200W per kg is sufficient...

    My mini talon comes in at 1.5g with 5000mAh, pixhawk AP, power train, canon ixus camera and a few additions (pitot, gps, telemetry radio). It draws about 4 amps at cruise at 15-16 m/s (about 58 kph).

  • Are you talking about Talon, or miniTalon ?

    I might have too big a motor in it, but that is what I had, and since I hand launch, I wanted the power !

    I work from the "100W per pound" rule of thumb might be overkill on my planes, but it gives me a slight edge when things go wrong.

    My Talon actually falls under that rule....

  • Ok, I weighed it, 2.88 Kg

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