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  • @Michael: yes, the price of Talon Max is really not for "hobbies". Got the quotation from them and price is above $ 1500 for all new material type plane.

    Anyone have long range mapping setup for the Talon?
    Many thanks in advance for sharing your experience
  • Hi Thomas

    Have a look at "x-uav.cn".....that is where they advertise the new Talon Max.



    常州华奥航空科技有限公司是一家专业从事无人机研发,生产及销售的高科技公司, 目前已获得国家30项发明专利。产品覆盖军事、农用、勘测,救灾等多个领 域。公司现有飞行器设计师、结构设计师、电子工程师和无人机飞手等专业人 才。公司研发生产的新材料无人机操作灵活,不依赖于机场,运行成本低,受 天气影响小,…
  • @Michael, where did you find the max for sale?
  • Hi

    I have had a look at the new Talon Max and at $2300.00 it is very expensive for an empty shell! Any comments?

  • 100KM

    @ Waladi:  Banggood Talon (V3)

  • It seem that Talon is no longer on production, only RMRC have the stock kit. any info on the production ?

    Or it will be replaced completely with Talon Max?


    X-UAV new material 2M MAX !!-MFM UAV-HOOAH Aviation Technology CO., LTD
    Dimension:                       *Wingsp
  • Hi All Talon gurus...

    Any setup suggestion to achieve maximum flight time for mapping mission with 400gr camera payload?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Thanks Ben!  That's just what I needed.


    Hi Gustav: No, didn't found my Talon, I searched for several day with other people and did not appear. I think someone took my plane

    Now I have a Skywalker X8. Its a great plane.




  • 100KM

    Hi Thomas - Sure here is a typical flight from mine:


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auto grid mission with my talon

Hi friends,Can anyone help my to fix this problem regarding strange and unuseful turns on grid mode (just turns on South part) versus the northern that seem to be fine?thank you.The plane ia a TALON with extended wings. L1 NAV 15, dumping 0,80.

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Pixhawk Mini and Spektrum Controller

Hi friends,I'm currently trying to integrate a pixhawk into my XUAV talon that I have built for aerial photography. This is going to be my first time using a pixhawk on a plan rather than a copter drone so I'm a bit lost. First, I noticed that in qgroundcontrol when setting up my pixhawk, there is no profile for the talon's v-tail design, is there a guide on here or someone who would be able to help me download or setup a profile in qgroundcontrol that would be appropriate for the talon?Second,…

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X-UAV Build

Hi all,I'm looking for an airframe that will ultimately be aimed at mapping/orthomosaic type projects and the Talon is one we are certainly interested in.I know this has probably been asked 100 times, but does anyone have any information or could point me to links of existing threads that outline a good build and components that work well with the talon.I'm in Australia so pretty sure there won't be much available here in country so will be looking abroad to build the kit.Are the wing…

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Quadcopter with Saitek Joystick X56 + Scherrer Tx700 Pro + Rx700 LR +PSU

Hellocan Someone help to connect Saitek Joystick X56 + Scherrer Tx700 Pro + Rx700 LR +PSUin order to fly a quadcopter ?And if it is impossibleHow to connect the TX700 Pro and the Quanum V52 Ground Control System, please? https://hobbyking.com/en_us/winbox-ground-control-system-v52.html https://hobbyking.com/en_us/rx700lr-psu-reseller.html https://hobbyking.com/en_us/tx700-pro-reseller.htmlThanks

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